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My husband owned and operated his painting business for the majority of his adult life. Ricky would be proud to know that I am carrying on the painting business.

The last few years of Ricky’s life, I worked with him. We developed a wonderful working relationship as well a strong marriage. It was Ricky’s hope that his business would continue to grow and provide high-quality painting service for Savannah and the surrounding area. I am a Registered Nurse (RN) that applies my nursing skills to the painting business, such as the ability of prioritizing, listening, and high standards in every aspect of your painting project. RN Painting is, timely, meticulous, trustworhty and easy to talk to, we care about your needs and desires of your painting project.
Please call Michael for all painting or renovation needs.
May God Bless You, as He has blessed our family and our business.
Shannon Newman

Ricky was in business for over 30 years and established himself as an affordable house painter in Savannah. Ricky has painted hundreds of homes in the Savannah and surrounding areas and is still going strong. Our Savannah house painters specialize in re-painting what has grown old, outdated, or unacceptable. With our extensive experience, we know how to treat our customers with 95% of all our work coming by way of repeat business or referrals. We make sure that your site is not “as good as” but “better than” when we started.

Our Savannah house painters have painted homes as small as 1000 sq. ft. to homes as large as 10,000 sq. ft. so no job is too small or too big. We own all of our ladders, sprayers, and equipment so there will be no hidden rental fees. We are fast and dependable and in most cases, we can get to your job within a few days of you receiving your estimates. Call us today for a free estimate.

When you’re looking for Savannah house painters, you can trust Shannon.

What could possibly make a bigger difference in the feel of inside or the outside of your home a fantastic paint job? A beautiful new paint job can take the dullest of rooms and turn them into dazzling.  A great exterior paint job can give the perfect curb appeal that will increase the beauty and value of your home. There are limitless possibilities.

We treat every home we walk into just like it was our own. And in some ways when we are finished it kind of feels like it is. It is a great feeling to stand back and admire the finished great paint job. It is also a wonderful feeling when the homeowner is thrilled with the paint job we have done. Our goal is always to rise above expectations.

We hear so many stories from homeowners about the many different painters they have used in the past, none of which have met the expectations. If you have felt that way yourself, give us a try, and we promise your search for quality paint job will be over.

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