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Shannon at RN Painting invites you to learn more about our experience with Savannah renovation through the testimonials of our clients.

Sharon F.

Ricky is fast and professional him arrives early and gets the job done. My neighbor used him and was very happy, so I gave him I try and I will always call Ricky. He even did things that were not on my contract with no extra charge! I have never seen anyone one do that!! You bet I will be calling him back.

Regina F.

Ricky came to my house remodel my bathroom he replaced the tile sheetrock and all the fixtures. Ricky helped me pick the colors and tile. He met me at Home Depot and delivered the supplies to my home. He was wonderful at the end of each day all the debris was remove and the floors were cleaned. It was a great stress free experience I will defiantly call Ricky again and recommend him to my family and friends.

Shannon Newman

My husband had the painting business RNPainting for many years. The last few years of Ricky’s life and painting career he worked with Ernesto.  They developed a wonderful working relationship and friendship.  It was Ricky’s hope that Ernesto would continue to work and provide a high-quality service of workmanship and service to Savannah and the surrounding area. I highly recommend Ernesto for your painting or renovation needs.  Ernesto is trustworthy and dedicated to his career. He has done multiple jobs for me and my friends, he will do the same for you. Thank you, Shannon Newman

Pattie W.

Ernesto has painted the exterior of my home and it is beautiful he did a fabulous job!! He is working on removing the popcorn from my ceilings and repairing water damaged ceiling currently. Ernest is dependable, I am able to leave my home, go to work and know that all is well. I highly recommend Ernest for any painting or drywall projects. Pattie